I feel panoramic, pt1.

One of the things I love doing (although I’m too lazy to get off my ass and do it more frequently) is discovering places with spectacular views. This is the first part of the multi-part (is that a word?) blog post series titled ‘I feel panoramic’. I’ll try to somehow combine photos by theme. Let’s call this one ‘City moments’.


1. Maribor, Slovenia

Photo 07-07-16 18 04 44 (1)
Maribor, Slovenia

This photo was taken through the window of a vintage apartment in one of the town’s old buildings, located in the central part of Maribor. It’s a view that you don’t often see here in Maribor, as there are rarely any high-located panoramic spots in the city. The photo was taken on a warm summer afternoon, while chilling with some friends.


2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This one is from that one time me and my girlfriend visited the beautiful Ljubljana castle, at the time when the Sun started to slowly set. The view and lighting were just breathtaking, so we decided to take some photos. After a little bit of filter and Photoshop magic, this was the final result.


3. Piran, Slovenia

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Piran, Slovenia

That’s a pretty awesome one. The weather was perfect for the setting and after some Photoshop time, it came out quite nice. The photo was from the time in February, when I took a 2 day vacation at our coast in Piran with my girlfriend. All the time, the weather was kinda moody and windy, but it made it up with some pretty epic scenography.


4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

That one is taken from the rooftop of an apartment building in the central part of our capital, Ljubljana. I took it when I went to visit my friend, who lives in that apartment building. From the rooftop, there’s a really good view at the Ljubljana castle and the old part of town. All in all, an awesome place to hang out, read a book, play an instrument or just enjoy some private time.


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