Should I quit my job?

A lot of people ask themselves the same question I did a while ago, when I was struggling with the thought of quitting the job I had at the time.


The thing is, you have to get rid of the “poisonous” things in your life, be it a job, a person or a memory that’s holding you back from reaching your true potential.

I am a bit too much of a “rebel-minded” individual, so I don’t like being told what to (if I don’t find it useful). Don’t get me wrong, I respect and appreciate a well-meant advice or some constructive criticism, for it makes me grow and helps me better myself (which btw, I believe should be one of the main goals in everyone’s life, but more on that topic some other time). I just don’t like being told what to do every minute of my job, when and how much to work,… simply put – I like my freedom. It may sound pretentious and whatnot, but I don’t care. I’d rather work 16hours a day for something I believe in, something that actually motivates me, than work 8 hours a day obeying someone that constantly tells me what to do and when should I start and finish doing it. So, as I was thinking about leaving my job, a wise friend told me something, that helped me make up my mind and decide to go ahead and quit. He said:

“The ‘worst’ thing your employer can do, is to (maybe even unintentionally) make you feel essential for the business”

And the best part is, he was absolutely right. Why should you stress yourself every day at some job you don’t really enjoy, for someone else’s business? They were just as successful before I came along and they will most probably find the next suitable worker to replace me in no time, because the job that I was doing, did not specifically require any unique skills. So all in all, the dilemma that I was struggling with, was just a product of my own overthinking and indecisiveness. They somehow ‘lured’ me into thinking, that if I quit, they wouldn’t be able to continue successfully. So I felt bad about it. But after some consideration I quit the job, without having an alternative and decided to work on myself and develop some skills I have. It felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my chest. In fact, it was a huge burden. It was a job that I disliked going to and it clouded my mind to the point that I didn’t even do anything else than wake up, go to work, come home and kill time, when I should be doing all kinds of stuff.


The most frightening thing about this experience is that I realised that waaaay to many people just settle for the job they have. The reason behind that might be the security they feel they have, the routine that they unknowingly fell into or some fake purpose in life the job gives them, when instead everyone should just find something that makes them happy, satisfied and whole and try to make it their “job”.

Those are just some thoughts that came across my mind. Maybe you don’t agree with my way of thinking and that’s ok, those are not the words to live by. I just posted this to maybe advise someone, who is in the same position that I was in 2 months ago, because I know I would have appreciated it.



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